About the Concerto Chamber Orchestra

USC’s Concerto Chamber Orchestra (CCO) was founded by two students in 2011, creating a community for non-music majors and music majors to perform music together. Since its inception, the organization has been fully student-run.

We are open to all USC students who play orchestral instruments–the orchestra does not turn students away based on ability level or financial circumstances (unlike many organizations, we do not ask for membership dues). Because of this, through both chamber music and symphonic opportunities, CCO accommodates the diverse skill set of the university’s student body. Access is at the core of CCO’s mission, for members and audiences alike.

In its ten years, CCO has featured more than 80 concerto soloists and premiered dozens of works by living composers. To further diversify the orchestra’s repertoire, the organization instituted an annual call for scores, beginning with the 2018-19 season.

While the group first began as a twelve-member ensemble in a multi-use basement, the orchestra’s membership has tremendously grown and diversified in the last decade. CCO currently serves more than 80 active members in varying degree levels and fields of study, ranging from graduate bassoon performance to undergraduate computational neuroscience. Since the elimination of the university-sponsored non-music-major orchestra in 2016, CCO has played an even greater role in providing meaningful opportunities for USC’s student body. This organization offers rare opportunities in orchestral management, conducting, solo concerto performances, and artistic leadership–which benefit students pursuing careers in music.

70% of our members are non-music majors who wish to continue making music while pursuing other professional interests. CCO serves the USC community as an all-inclusive platform to promote and support rewarding musical, professional, and social experiences.